Why partner with Gelder & Company, LLP?


We specialize in providing financial and operational services to businesses that may not have the staff or creative focus of an outside team.

  • We are an office of professional CPAs and MBAs with years of experience in private industries.
  • We will not replace or interfere with your people or your accounting firm.
  • We will perform the financial duties needed to allow your accounting firm to do their auditing services.
  • We stick to deadlines. We will provide key stakeholders timely and accurate reporting.
  • We will not affect your overhead budget since we are an outside resource.
  • We will provide an immediate impact. You will see results and savings the first week we are on the job.
  • We will work with your bookkeeper and your CPA firm to address areas of concern or issues that are a “conflict of interest” to the auditing firm.
  • We can address the deficiencies cited in the annual Management Letter from your CPA firm.
  • We will submit a letter itemizing our responsibilities and secure your agreement prior to our engagement.
  • We can establish the delegation of “accounting authority” needed to comply with GAAP rules and to provide the proper separation of accounting functions.
  • For security purposes, we can provide an independent, forensic analysis of various accounts on a non-regular interval.
  • We will maintain the confidentiality of your information and operations.