About Us

Many companies cannot afford to hire a qualified person to be their accountant or Controller. Historically, these companies have had to rely on the services of their bookkeeper or their own best judgement. A bookkeeper may not have the expertise or the time to analyze issues and develop the needed systems and procedures to monitor and improve the cash flow and profitability of the business.  Performance “based on the way we have always done it” may get the job done but does not position the company to move forward in an aggressive and proactive manner.

Gelder & Company employs consultants with professional credentials and extensive industry experience. Our staff not only possesses solid accounting and analytical skills, but more importantly they have operational and organizational skills honed by years of experience to assist your growth and profitability. We understand that you need timely and accurate financial accountability; however, you also need a professional who can identify and focus on operating inefficiencies as well as projects such as cash requirements planning, communications, software utilization, and data security. Staffing issues, especially those created by the emotional distress of close personal relationships, can be tempered with our independent analysis and the empathy needed to minimize any personal confrontation.

You will have a team of professionals at your disposal. Even when your assigned team member is unavailable, other associates will fill the void to provide continuity. Our fees are not only affordable but, in most instances, will be more than offset by savings generated.

Call or email us on the “contact” tab and we will perform an analysis of your needs and present a proposal for your consideration. We will provide an engagement letter detailing our responsibilities, the work to be performed, and the estimated cost involved. There is no long term commitment involved. We fully expect to meet or exceed your expectations and will step aside if the feelings are not mutual.